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The Rogue MTG Community Cube – A Cube Collaboration!

Big shout out to Daniel Grace for this idea. A little introduction to what we are doing here, this is going to be a collaborative effort between fellow MTG Youtubers, RDB Staff and myself to build a community cube. Once this cube is around 400 cards we will go ahead and draft it and record the shenanigans!

I guess I (Kevin) will start things off. The rules of the cube is each member is allowed to add ONE card to the cube. This card needs to be fun and interactive, rather than powerful on its own. The goal is to create and environment to where the card becomes powerful due to its interactions with other cards in the cube. To help this process out, each participant will also pick FIVE additional cards that interact well with the original pick. These cards MUST interact with the original and shouldn’t be extremely powerful on their own.

Without further adieu here is my pick for the first addition to the Rogue Community Cube:

First Rogue Cube Addition

Oversold Cemetery

Surprise! It isn’tImmortal Servitude! Although Immortal Servitude is my favorite card currently in standard, my most memorable times in my MTG career would have to be using Oversold Cemetery in a G/B rock deck back in the good old Onslaught days! This was a really fun deck that utilized sacrifice outlets as well as value creatures that either gained value by entering the battlefield or dying. Here are the cards I personally chose to include with Oversold Cemetery:

Oversold Cemetery

Main Card (1)
Oversold Cemetery

Other (5)
Solemn Simulacrum
Sakura-Tribe Elder
Alchemist’s Apprentice
Phyrexian Plaguelord
Ravenous Baloth

As you can see, all of the cards are creatures and all of them interact very well with Oversold Cemetery. My first addition was a no-brainer that is a very popular cube card: Solemn Simulacrum adds value coming in and leaving the battlefield, exactly what I want to happen.

The next card I could have chosen a plethora of options that do similar effects but Sakura-Tribe Elder has a built in sacrifice that gives him the nod over the competition, this is also the reasoning behind Alchemist’s Apprentice as well as I wanted to diversify the color options for an Oversold Cemetery deck to more than just G/B.

The next card is a long lost friend of mine: Phyrexian Plaguelord Having the ability to both sacrifice other creatures as well as himself makes him the perfect addition to the deck. Not only does he interact amazingly well with Oversold Cemetery plaguelord also can act as a sacrifice outlet for Solemn Simulacrum and I am sure a number of other cards that will make the Cube.

Lastly, no Rock strategy would be complete with out a way to stabilize. Again, there are a ton of options like Thragtusk, Obstinate Baloth, Brindle Boar but the 4/4 body and built in sacrifice from Ravenous Baloth gets the nod.

A few other cards I thought about including were: Eternal Witness which I am sure someone else will eventually add to the cube, Hermit Druid and other dredge cards, which again is more than possible other members will go down this road, Fume Spitter , Undead Gladiator, Mortarpod, Blasting Station and a ton of other cards that interact well with sacrifice and the graveyard.

I hope you enjoyed this list! Keep checking back for more updates to the cube. We will continue to add more cards to the list from fellow youtubers and RDB Staff!

Happy Rogue-ing!


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