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[Community] Introducing: The FNM Rogue Champions Competition!

Dust off that brewing cap and get ready to test your deck building skills! is proud to start up the FNM Rogue Champions Competition. This will be a bi-monthly competition where we (The RDB team) will pick a card from STANDARD. You (The community) will then build a deck around the card. You will then bring that deck to your local LGS to compete in the next two FNM’s with the deck (One is fine if you only can make one. It will help your chances but you only need to send in results of one FNM). Afterwards you send us the deck list as well as proof you played it in the FNM. In addition, you will send a tournament report, listing your win/loss/draw record. If you’re able to, it would be beneficial for both you (and us!) if you could give a brief description of each match and how your deck performed. There will be a deadline of when this information needs to be sent in (Don’t worry we’ll let you know!).

We (RDB Team) will then go through all the results together and determine a winner of who had the best deck. Now that being said, performance will be a factor! This is a competition so both your deck building skills and playing skills will be tested. Criteria for what we’re looking for will be listed below.

“Ok blah de blah Michael. What do I get for winning?!”

The prizes and the prize structure may change in the future, but for now Kevin has a special Playmat being planned out that he shall ship to the winner!

As for criteria for judging, we’re not grading aspects of the deck 1-10 or anything. Here are just some guidelines so you know what we’re looking for:
1. Creativity – Card choice, interactions, etc.
2. Fun Factor – When we take a glance at this deck, what might draw us in to playing it ourselves?
3. Goals/Deck Structure – Having a fun deck is fun and all but you want to win with these decks! Knowledge of your local meta will be an asset here. Keep things creative, but be realistic in your goals of winning! Also, don’t forget the Sideboard is part of the deck! (My guide from the last week might help :P)
4. Performance – Do the best you can. Doing well at the FNM tournaments will help in your chances of winning here!

So to summarize:
1. Follow us on Facebook HERE to know what card we picked as soon as possible. More time for you to build and test!
2. Build a deck around the card we chose. It must be in the Mainboard.
3. Play the deck at your next FNM(s). Keep track of your wins and how your deck performed.
4. Submit a deck list, and tournament report to .You only need to submit a report for one tournament but going to two gives your deck a better chance!
5. Keep up to date on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel where we’ll announce the winner!

Good luck everyone!

– Michael Y.

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