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Collected Company and Goblin Piledriver in Modern – YES

HERE WE GO! Finally a spoiler that we know is going to shake up both the standard and modern scenes? Does Goblin Piledriver really have the sort of impact? My short answer is YES!

For hyper-aggressive strategies, Piledriver is going to be the premier two drop that has insanely good synergy with Legion Loyalist at the 1 slot and Golbin Rabblemaster at the 2. I also think that Goblin Piledriver works very well with Collected Company – also giving you access to green for Atarka’s Command. Here is my current Modern decklist:


As you can see, utilizing a higher curve than traditional goblins, does indeed change the overall feel and goals of the deck. A more traditional goblin deck tries to kill very quickly. This leaves them wide open to a number of strategies in modern such as early efficient removal or lifegain that can effectively shut down the aggression until they stabilize.

I personally do not think that hyper-aggressive goblins is the way to go in Modern. We already have a few decks like Kiln Fiend, Suicide Zoo, and Burn that do a great job at this. It can be argued that Goblins takes a different approach, and swarms with more creatures than a traditional burn deck, however, I think that this strategy is overall more vulnerable and weaker in the current Modern Meta.

My more midrange Collected Company version resembles something more like Merfolk, that builds up over a few turns and then swings in for the one or two lethal attacks. This version can also justify using Mutavault, which I think is a very powerful and underrated card modern. Here are some videos of the deck in action (although the list has changed since the release of this video).

The next list is, however, a hyper-aggressive list – which I think is the only option available for Goblins in standard. It is very reminiscent or an old list that I used on Playing on a Budget, as well as typical Atarka Sligh list:

I would love to hear your opinions!

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