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Blue Moon Auction

Well hello there everyone.

This is the first time I’ve been here in this realm. My name is Kurokami Akaitsuki, nice to meet you.

I’m currently scouring the realms looking for the Blood Moon to complete the Blue Moon Auction deck. A couple of friends recently talked about how fun Thieves’ Auction is in EDH. Being an Eternal format player, I want to see if I can build a Modern deck around this.

What’s Blue Moon Auction, you say? It’s basically a Blue Moon deck that uses Thieves’ Auction as the win condition:

So the name sake card, Thieves’ Auction, cost 7 mana in total and it basically set aside all the cards on the board and the players take turn splitting the card amongst themselves. While this sounds fun, the card have two major drawbacks: 1) The card cost 7 mana and 2) The card is unpredictable by nature, so it will not provide the consistency that Modern format often desires.









To resolve issue (1), you can either try to ramp your way to 7 mana, cheat the spell out, or stall the game. Meanwhile to resolve issue (2), you can minimize the unpredictability by have a more spell-based deck. That way you have less permanents on the board and you can grab more of the opponent’s board using Thieves’ Auction.

Enter the bounce spells: Cyclonic Rift, Echoing Truth and Into the Roil. The advantage of bounce spells in this deck is that in the early game, you can try and stall the game by bouncing imminent threats, forcing them to waste more mana re-casting those spells. They also prevent the opponent from cheating creatures out [cough… Arclight Phoenix]. By bouncing cards such as Thing in the Ice, Aether Vial and As Foretold, you also reset their counter.

However, the best thing about these bounce spells is after Thieves’ Auction is cast. The idea is that while Thieves’ Auction allows your opponent to control your permanent, you can get those permanents back by casting a bounce spell. This means that when you cast Thieves’ Auction, you should try to get as much of opponent’s cards as possible, with no regard for the permanents the opponent can take from you.











For a way to ramp into Thieves’ Auction, I use a card from Eldritch Moon called Curious Homunculus. This creature started off as a mana dork for your instant and sorcery. However, when you have 3 instant or sorcery in the graveyard, (which will easy for this deck) it becomes a 3/4 with Prowess and makes your instant and sorcery spells cheaper.
















Other cards include Serum Visions and Ancestral Vision as card draw. Abrade and Lava Coil are great spot removal. However, it is important to note that these should only be used against imminent threats since you want to maximize the effects of Thieves’ Auction. Treasure Map is a great fit for this deck since it helps you scry, while giving out Treasure tokens that you can use for Thieve’s Auction. You can also sacrifice the Treasure Cove when it flips, reducing another permanent that your opponent can grab. The deck also includes 3 Snapcaster Mage to recur the spells.
















Just like a regular Blue Moon deck, the mana base for this deck is composed of Islands and UR nonbasics. By using Blood Moon, you can hamper the opponent’s mana base without hurting your own.
















As for the sideboard, I’ve added Goblin Electromancer for good measure. Mana Leak, Remand and Negate allows you go against spell-based decks. Thing in the Ice can be sided in when you really needed a heavy hitter. To close out the deck, the newly spoiled War of the Spark card Invade the City makes a great addition by creating an X/X creature based on the number of instants and sorceries in your graveyard.

For budget option, you can always replace Scalding Tarn with Polluted Delta. If you feel like taking a risk, you can also replace Snapcaster Mage with Mission Briefing from Guilds of Ravnica. However, I prefer the use of Snapcaster Mage here because you can chump block with Snapcaster Mage, bounce it back to hand and recur another spell when you re-cast it. Finally, you can also replace Cyclonic Rift with a cheaper bounce spells. However, the ability to only bounce nonland permanents that opponents control makes this card strong with Thieves’ Auction.

So that is Blue Moon Auction. If you have any comments and suggestions please add them to the comment section.

In the mean time, please feel free to visit my realm at

Until next time…



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