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Sqrawn Archive


The Great Burn Errata

Following Dominaria’s paradigm shift for a significant portion of Red magic, Chain Lightning has been previewed for the Battlebond supplementary set. Direct damage spells of the elements, of pain …

Servos for Serra

Flying under the competitive radar since Dominaria’s release, this understated servant of Serra is the subject of today’s budget brew. Teshar, Ancestor’s Apostle works its White magic around the …

Hope for Huatli

Huatli, Warrior Poet is a Standard legal planeswalker whose initial lukewarm reception has cooled into relative obscurity. Eclipsed by Huatli, Radiant Champion in the very next set after her …

Cast Away: Jace in Standard

My previous article extensively discussed Jace, the Mindsculptor in Modern, with some allusion to Jace’s recent character development in the official Magic storyline. Here we’ll examine Jace in his …