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August/September #RDBbrew Contest Winner!!!

Hello fellow Rogues!

At long last we have chosen the winner for the #RDBbrew contest spanning August and September. The #RDBbrew contest card for the past two months was Marchesa, the Black Rose from the original Conspiracy set, and as always the challenge was to tweet to us your favorite combo, interaction, or gameplay moment using the card. The grand prize: a hand-altered copy of Marchesa – you can watch the alter process by checking out the alter video below. We had a bunch of really awesome entries this month, and a huge thanks to everyone who entered!

Without further ado, however, our official winner from August & September is NathMorr [@nathmorrz] for suggesting the combo of Unspeakable Symbol with our card of the month, Marchesa, the Black Rose!


For those who weren’t playing during Scourge, Unspeakable Symbol allows you to pay only 3 life to add a +1/+1 counter to any creature. In commander especially, 3 life isn’t that much to pay and the combination potential with Marchesa is certainly exciting!

Adds +1/+1's and ensures Dethrone!

Adds +1/+1’s and ensures Dethrone!

So congratulations NathMorr, and feel free to send a Direct Message to Kevin on twitter though our official Rogue Deck Builder twitter account to claim your altered Marchesa!

For all ye other scurby rogues who did not win this time, don’t loose hope! We have another fun Twitter #RDBbrew contest for October starting right now! For this month’s contest we are again asking for your favorite combo, interaction, or deck brew using Night Market Lookout from the new Kaladesh expansion. While it is only a common, Night Market Lookout is certainly a card to “lookout” for simply because of it’s incredibly combo potential, especially in the Pauper format. At the end of October we will choose a winner, and they will receive the grand prize of a full foil playset of Night Market Lookout, signed by Kevin if the winner desires! We’re super excited to see what you come up with, so send us those 140 character ideas on twitter using the #RDBbrew to enter.

Best of luck, and be sure to check out the Rogue Deck Builder official Youtube Channel for more contests, updates, and news!

October #RDBbrew Contest Card. Enter today!

October #RDBbrew Contest Card. Enter today!

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