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August Rogue Master Brewer Competition

Master Brewer - August

Looking to challenge your deckbuilding skills? Enter the August Rogue Master Brewer Competition! The format is open; any and all decks from Modern, Standard, Legacy, and Pauper will be accepted. That’s right, you can submit any deck you want (within those formats)!

Decks will be judged on their originality, synergy, competitiveness, and how fun they are to play. The top eight will be put to voting by you, the Rogue Deckbuilder community. So build your decks and submit them; we’ll be accepting deck submissions until August 16th, so get brewing!

The winner will receive a custom Rogue Master Brewer playmat, the first of it’s kind! (We’ll post a picture of it as soon as it’s finished!)

Submit your deck using the form below. Please provide a tappedOut link to your deck (it’s the best way for us to display decks here on the site).

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Happy Brewing!

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