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August #RDBbrew Twitter Contest

Last month we tried a fun new little game on Twitter – a contest where you could tweet us your favorite combo, interaction, or play experiences with a card and the #RDBbrew to win awesome prizes. The responses were phenomenal, and we got a bunch of tweets sharing awesome interactions with Soulfire Grand Master from Fate Reforged! Congratulations again to our winner , who was the first entry to tweet out the combo of Soulfire Grand Master and Training Grounds — a combo that later inspired Kevin to create a deck featured in his video series.

Because all of you, our subscribers to, are the absolute BEST we want to raise the bar for our #RDBbrew contest for August! This month, we want to see what you can brew with a classic EDH powerhouse, the Commander Marchesa, the Black Rose. Kevin and the crew here at RogueDeckBuilder have been playing some commander lately, and want to know what your favorite combos and interactions are using Marchesa to close out the game for our next super-brew! At the end of August, Kevin will review your tweets and pick his favorite to win an exclusive hand-altered copy of Marchesa, the Black Rose!

Human, Wizard, and Commander Combo Powerhouse!

To enter in the giveaway and win an exclusive altered copy of Marchesa, the Black Rose, all you have to do is send a tweet to featuring your own combo idea, a broken interaction with Marchesa, or even a commander brew that highlights Marchesa’s potential and include the hashtag #RDBbrew. At the end of August, we will pick our favorite tweets and the Brewer who has tweeted the very best Marchesa-interaction will win their own hand-altered Marchesa, the Black Rose by Zach (MTGAlterboy)!

So put on your Brewer-hat, send us your favorite Marchesa, the Black Rose interactions in 140 characters or less, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for more competition updates and news! Thanks for being awesome, and keep on brewing! :)

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