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August RDB Master Brewer – Wally’s Picks

Happy Friday friendly people! Kaladesh may be on it’s way, but we’re still on Innistrad as we choose the Top 8 picks from the August Rogue Master Brewer competition (Eldritch Moon Edition) with a week of little deck-techs of submitted decks picked by the RDB crew, as well as two special guests. Everyday on the site we’ll put up an article, then end it all off with a poll for you all to vote for your favorite deck. Next week, we’ll have our winner right before we start to get into Kaladesh!

Welcome to the second day of the Rogue Master Brewer Competition Top 8 Picks! For those of you wondering who in the world I am: Hello! I’m Wally, the social media whiz and Community Manager for! If you’re following RDB on Twitter, you probably have read some of my tweets (even if you didn’t know it!). If you haven’t seen the Master Brewer Day 1 Picks by Greg, our Graphics Guru, from the other day you should definitely check out his article here. Like Greg, I’m also a somewhat competitive Modern player and FNM aficionado with absolutely zero qualifications for picking good decks. But, without further ado, here are my top two picks from the submissions for the Rogue Master Brewer Competition – Eldritch Moon Edition!


Pick #1 – AuraWisps by Robin Greipel

My picks for this edition of the Rogue Master Brewer competition are highly influenced by what I’ve personally been brewing around the past few weeks, and enchantments are one of the themes I’ve been exploring ever since the release of Sigarda’s Aid. I’ve been tinkering with some Bogles-style deck lists and when I saw Robin’s AruaWhisps submission I was super excited. Much like the Aura-powered Modern Bogles list, Robin’s brew appears to replace the Slippery Bogle with Dimir Infiltrator, which has the benefits of not only being an unblockable spirit, but also the incredibly versatile Transmute ability, which helps to search for the right card at the right time. Traditional Bogles is usually Bant colors, running Green, Blue, and White spells to pump a big Bogle through, but I really liked the more Esper-Control vibe that Robin created, and will definitely try tossing this deck together at a future Modern night at my locals.

AuraWhisps – Modern

by Robin Greipel



Pick 2 – Modern Humans Aggro by Chris (You Know, That Chris…)

When it comes to Standard, I’ve been all about the Humans for the past two weeks. I simply can’t get enough of making human tokens, casting Thalia’s and her lieutenants – and the most enjoyable aspect is that it’s always a flavorful match when they are fighting big Eldrazi or an army of Zombies.

The more that I’ve been playing with Humans in standard, the more I’ve started to consider playing the tribe in Modern. There have been some really awesome Humans printed throughout time, and when I saw Chris’s list I felt inspired to sit down and do some brewing. Chris’s submission to the Rouge Master Brewer contest was a Modern Boros brew that harnessed the power of Hanweir Garrison and Iroas, God of Victory to create an army of un-damageable menacing human tokens to storm the board. It is definitely an interesting modern brew, and if you are at all an aggro player you will certainly want to check out his brew below.

Modern Humans Aggro – Modern

by Chris. You Know, That Chris.

Thanks so much for joining me in choosing two picks for this Eldritch Moon edition of the Rogue Master Brewer contest! They may not be the most competitive decks in the Modern format, but they are two brews that inspire tinkering with deck lists, which is what Rogue Brewing is all about – taking inspiration to the next level by testing new play styles and combinations. Congratulations to Chris and Robin, and thank you for inspiring me as I continue to brew in the Modern format despite how spiky the format has become.

Stay tuned for more Top 8 picks from the Rogue Master Brewer competition tomorrow, and be sure to keep an eye out for our champion poll which will launch at the end of the picking period! Until then, have an awesome FNM tonight!

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