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August 2016 Rogue Master Brewer – Decklists


As August is winding down, so its the August Rogue Master Brewer competition! We’re ready to show the submissions we’ve received so far. Be advised – there are four pages of decklists!

Without further ado…

Stinkweed Zombies

by Janry Dimaano


Evolving Eldrazi Discard

by Nate Krautheim

BG Aristocrates

by Felix Morrow

UR Prowess

by Brad DeFruiter


by Robin Greipel

Modern Humans Aggro – Modern

by Chris. You Know, That Chris.

Mind Twist – With a Twist

by Jeff Roberts

Big Pig Big Pig Big Pig!

by Abby Kehoe

Cheerios, But Not Actually Cheerios

by Ben Gardner

Nahiri’s Ragged Pact

by RJ Simkovich & Tim Meadows

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