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[Article] Hour of Thaumaturge

I’d like to share with you lovely people what I think are a couple of cards you should be looking to brew with. These are cards that have the ability to be used in many fun ways while still (hopefully) keeping a competitive edge. Since this is a deck building article, no reason not to include some deck lists as well! Hopefully I can get your gears turning for your own creations.

1. Hour of Need

I think this card is underrated. Although it might just be that there are not too many decks that can support it.

Let us see if we can fix that shall we?

First, let’s start with the practical applications we could use this card for.

This card allows you to get a fair amount of power on board at instant speed. Now, normally this isn’t really that great since you have to trade your creatures already on board for the Sphinx’s that come with Hour of Need. However, the fact they’re 4/4 fliers is the important part. If they weren’t flying then yes, this card wouldn’t be that great, but there are so few creatures with flying that being able to have 4 power, or possible more (with the new Strive mechanic) usually results in a quite clock.

It also can be a nice pseudo-counter to targeted removal. Your 2/1 gets targeted by a Doom Blade? Cast Hour of Need on the weenie to keep a creature on board and change it into a 4/4 flier! This kind of interaction is even better on your opponent’s turn since you’re able to swing with the Sphinx’s right away.

I feel cards like Hour of Need can really impact decks as a one or two of in a deck. Possible more if you’re specifically building around it but it has a lot of blow out potential, but can still be used in a variety of situations.

So what kind of deck would you include Hour of Need in?

Well, before I reveal my deck list, I’d like to talk about my next card since it’ll be included in the same deck list as Hour of Need, which is…

2. Battlefield Thaumaturge

I think this card has the potential to make for some very powerful decks in new Standard. This card opens up so many possibilities and I’m sure there are many people already trying to brew with him.

The main thing people already have caught on about this card is its synergy with “X” costing cards such as Aurelia’s Fury as well as multiple targeting spells such as Dauntless Onslaught. Of course, we cannot forget the main reason they added this card in, and that would be to use in combination with the new Strive mechanic.

The name of the game with this guy is efficiency.

He’ll help you reduce the cost of the spells you cast, allowing you to get the most out of your mana. Of course he’s going to require a reasonable amount of Instant/Sorcery spells that target creatures since that is the only way he can work.

The nice thing is he is averagely costed, being a 2/1 for {1}{U} so you can get him out early enough to get a fair amount of value before he possibly dies.

One thing people might overlook is that he also makes any spell targeting your opponent’s creatures cheaper to cast. For example when Battlefield Thaumaturge is in play; Hero’s Downfall is now {B}{B}, Frost Breath is {U}, and Gridlock is {U}. This can allow you to do more in your turn than you normally would be able to which can be very good in gaining tempo.

Alright let’s check out a deck I made with him and Hour of Need:

4x Akroan Crusader
3x Anax and Cymede
2x Aurelia’s Fury
4x Battlefield Thaumaturge
3x Boros Charm
3x Dauntless Onslaught
4x Hallowed Fountain
3x Hour of Need
3x Launch the Fleet
4x Mana Confluence
2x Mizzium Skin
3x Mutavault
2x Nivix Cyclops
4x Sacred Foundry
3x Spear of Heliod
4x Steam Vents
2x Temple of Triumph
3x Phalanx Leader
4x Young Pyromancer

This is a pretty straight forward Aggro deck where we’re looking to capitalize on tokens and efficient instant/sorcery spells thanks to Battlefield Thaumaturge. It’s the kind of deck that is likely always going to be attacking and we have a nice range of skills to help us accomplish that.

We can either use cards such as Phalanx Leader and Anax and Cymede to help us pump all the tokens we’ve generated for a final blow or to get more damage through. We’re able to progress our board through Young Pyromancer, Launch the Fleet, and Akroan Crusader. The nice thing is we can concentrate on pumping our guys and getting damage trough while still building our board state, hopefully being able to deliver a final blow after turn 4-5.

If not we have Boros Charm that we can use as a finisher as well as a defensive answer to cards such as Supreme Verdict. It is also a good card to use with Nivix Cyclops being able to do 8 damage in one attack so we have some blow out potential.

Hour of Need is great in this deck since we can have it cost less thanks to Battlefield Thaumaturge and since we’re producing so many tokens we can use those as fodder to turn into 4/4 flying Sphinx tokens which gives the deck some much needed evasion.

Well that’s all I have to say about the deck since it’s pretty straight forward. It’s also quite rough since I whipped it up while writing the article but it’s a start! I just wanted to give you guys something to hopefully get your own ideas going for these two cards. Let me know in the comments if you have any sweet deck lists with Battlefield Thaumaturge or Hour of Need!

– Michael Y.

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