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[Article] Hello, My name is Michael

I was thinking of what to write for this week when it occurred to me not everyone knows who I am. I didn’t really introduce myself in my last article nor did I give any indication of my relation with Magic or Rogue Deckbuilder. Don’t worry; I’m not going to delve into my life story but I think it’d be nice if people knew a bit about the person writing these articles. I’m sure many looked at my YouTube channel when Kevin announced it and saw how small it was. Honestly, it wouldn’t even be as large as it is without Kevin’s help. Helping Kevin build upon Rogue Deckbuilder is, in a way, giving my thanks for fueling my passion for Magic. I’m sure most of you reading this came to my channel when I first was featured on Kevin’s channel so thanks to everyone else’s support as well!

I thought it would be nice to introduce myself this week and explain how I got into Magic.

Let us take a look in the past approximately 7 years ago. 14 year old me was in the stage of other card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon. I had great times playing those games with friends and siblings. One day I came across a peculiar game called Magic: The Gathering. Found a random starter pack from the “Portal” set lying around the house. This card game seemed much different than what I was used to. The art was much more mature, the flavor text was captivating, and the card names were much cooler! Problem is, I had no idea how to get into it and of course I was not as well versed with the internet back then nor did I know where I could acquire cards. Parents had no idea where the cards came from or what Magic was. Sadly, I don’t remember anything notable from the set however it definitely must have been engrained in my subconscious since I’m absolutely in love with the basic lands from the portal set and all my paper decks use them. Due to having no knowledge of the game and no one to help introduce me, I spent many days just admiring the art and eventually lost interest.

Fast forward 5 years later. The topic of Magic got brought up between one of my good friends and me. He was also one of those kids that played a ton of Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh and we decided to try and get some of our other friends to try out Magic. Let’s just say it ended up with us getting a whole bunch of cards from premade decks and random dollar boosters at the dollar store and then playing the game for about a week before shuffling everything under the bed to gather dust.

Finally, zip to last year. I just got a job at a car detail shop and luckily a few of the guys there were just as nerdy as me! Talking about games, I found out a couple of them play Magic. This sparked my interest to give it one last try and I got two of my friends to try it out again. This time it took off, and I was hooked. I started to read up on the game, get a few more of my friends into it, and proceeded to buy my first 2014 Deckbuilders Toolkit. My first decks were pretty poor but that was to be expected. As I got more into it, I needed to play more so I jumped on MTGO to try it out. Played pretty casually with a very lack luster collection of cards mostly just from M14. That’s when I came across Kevin’s channel, Rogue Deckbuilder.

“Why can’t I be this amazing at creating decks?” I asked myself seeing his first iteration of the Immortal Servitude deck for the first time.

This sparked my interest in building unique, fun, and viable, decks since the past few months before that I watched SCG opens (to learn the game) and just seeing the top tier decks being played over and over. I tried my hand at some cheap decks on MTGO and even built my own version of the Immortal Servitude deck. Didn’t do well but it was satisfying with the few wins I had with it, knowing I built it. Looking to improve I decided to take a shot at asking my main inspiration for Deckbuilding. I e-mailed Kevin and that’s when we started talking. Whenever I needed help with my decks I asked how I could improve X deck. After a while I thought I’d try my hand at my own videos. My very first video was on my Izzet’s Elementals deck utilizing cards such as Hidden Strings and other instant/sorceries to interact with cards such as Nivmagus Elemental and Young Pyromancer. It was my first “Successful” deck which is why I wanted to make a video of it. I showed the video to Kevin and he helped it get some coverage. A few weeks later I showed Kevin my Evo Aggro deck and he invited me to do a series for his channel on it. Being featured on the main Rogue Deckbuilder channel motivated me even more to build and share my decks as well as help newer players with their own decks, which is why I introduced my “Deck Tech Doctor” series on my YouTube channel.

I kept in touch with Kevin after that and seeing him put more and more work into his channel I thought I’d see if I could lend a hand. Seeing Rogue Deckbuilder grow was something I wanted to be a part of and luckily for me, Kevin accepted my offer to help.

And that of course brings us to now!

Yes my Magic career is very short compared to many other players but I have a passion for this game and I aim to provide as best of content as I can. Hopefully all of you enjoy the content I produce here and on my YouTube channel.

I hope to be a solid addition to the website and am looking forward to creating a great community with the rest of the Rogue Deckbuilder Team and of course everyone supporting Rogue Deckbuilder. I encourage people to leave comments and feedback. You can even leave suggestions for articles if you’re looking to read about something a bit more specific!

One of the things we want to do at Rogue Deckbuilder is build a community and I hope to be a driving force in that aspect which is why I try to interact with my viewers/readers as much as I can. I’m looking to do at least one article a week, possibly more depending on what life throws at me. I’m one who severely lacks in scheduling skills so here’s hoping I can actually stick to what I say!

– Michael Y.

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