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[Article] My Future Commanders

Choosing a commander for your deck is extremely fun. Each one can support a different strategy and each one’s abilities can affect the deck as a whole. Not only does the commander determine what colors you’ll be using in your deck, they’ll set what tone your deck has.

Aurelia, the Warleader? Time to play an aggressive Boros deck!

Azami, Lady of Scrolls? Have a Wizard theme!

Kemba, Kha Regent? Suit up your commander and beat down!

The possibilities are endless and that’s only when choosing the commander.

Since there are tons of choices and I have tons of deck ideas I want to do, let me share my top 3 commanders I’m looking forward to brewing with!

Note: These are in no particular order

1. Animar, Soul of Elements

So far, the decks I’ve built aren’t extremely reliant on the commander being in play. I definitely want to build a deck that compels me to play and keep my commander on the field. Animar is the type of commander you look at and can tell that he wants to be played. It’s great that he comes with inherent protection as well from both black and white spells. Two of the colors that have the most removal spells, how convenient!

Another thing is that I love casting creatures. Animar not only grows bigger as a creature, he allows you to cast larger creatures for cheaper. Even with how long games go on in commander, being able to cast large creatures soon is always a bonus, especially if they’re monsters such as Worldspine Wurm.

Regarding color choices, Green and Red can give us ramp, and powerful creatures as well. Blue is the best color if we want utility such as card draw or counters although even blue based monsters such as Prophet of Kruphix and Prime Speaker Zegana are also quite appealing with a commander such as Animar.

2. Doran, the Siege Tower

This commander would also warrant a creature based strategy; however he does it in a unique way. This would make cards such as Nyx-Fleece Ram interesting to use in combat situations and would allow similar creatures to be used more offensively without having their power needing to be pumped up.

White-Black-Green, or Junk, is also probably my favorite color combination. Not only do we get the biggest and baddest creatures from green, but we also get the best kinds of removal through black and white.

It’s also possible we can do a re-animator strategy since we’ll already be using many creatures although I’d likely just go straight ramp into creatures with a large toughness.

3. Ezuri, Renegade Leader

A tribal deck is something I’ve yet to build and I know there are plenty of elves out there to make one. With cards like Elvish Archdruid available to us it wouldn’t be too difficult to create an elven army. Since it would be mono green elves, mana issues wouldn’t be a problem and we can use even more anthem effects such as Hall of Triumph and Door of Destinies.

There aren’t many large elves so it would likely be a weenie strategy but there are cards such as Heedless One that can act as our large beat down creatures.

Overall the deck would be straightforward. Play elf after elf and overrun our opponents with the pointy eared creatures. I think it would be fun to have mana dorks such as Arbor Elf and Priest of Titania become 3/3 or 4/4 creatures to use in combat.

Ezuri emphasizes combat so even though he would be in play most of the time; his ability to regenerate our elves will become quite helpful. Late game his second ability can become a way to finish off opponents if our board state is large enough. In combination with the other anthem effects that will be in the deck, having an army of 5/5, or larger, elves with trample for a turn should be enough to do quite a bit of damage.

As you can see, I’m looking forward to building many more commander decks! I hope to show you guys more of them in the future and hopefully lend ideas for your own decks.

Are there any commanders you’d like to brew with that you haven’t used yet?

– Michael Y.

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