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First Five Animar, Tiny Leaders Submissions!

Here are the first five submissions to the Tiny Leaders contest:

AniMorph by GreatWall101:
hooded-hydra rattleclaw-mysticskirk-marauder

This deck works around the morph cards (yes morph is considered casting so Animar indeed does reduce the cost!) to cheat in 2/2 creatures with unmorph abilities. NEAT!

Animar, Architect of Souls by Jasper123:

grand-architect pili-pala

Infinite mana? Sure thing! Grand Architect + Pilia-Pala gets the job done!

Animar, Master of Deception by Ghostflowers131:

2014-crimson-kobolds cloudstone-curio crookshank-kobolds

Cloudstone Curio + Kobold minions boost Animar to infinity and beyond!

Animar, Tiny Leader…but not so Tiny Hydras by TimeliestStorm52:

Hooded Hydra  vorelsavageborn

With Vorel, These Hydras get enormous insanely fast!

Animar, Elemental Auras by 99ZombieMan:

hardened-scales oath-of-the-ancient-wood predatory-hunger

Hardening scales and making ancient oaths, Animar suits up with powerful Auras!

I was very happy with these submissions. Each one has a very unique take on Animar, which is EXACTLY what I was hoping to achieve. The possibilities for this guy are ENDLESS! I can’t wait to see what other members of the community come up with. Remember, the contest ends March 14th!

For more information about the contest check out the link below:

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