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#6 Agent of the Fates – Top 10 Cards Rotation 2015

#6 Agent of the Fates

#6 Agent of the Fates

Out of all of the heroic cards from the Theros Block, this guy was probably my favorite. He has a very reasonable casting cost, nice stats and even deathtouch. It was a shame that this guy didn’t see more play. Unfortunately he didn’t really fit that well in a metagame filled with Hordeling Outburst and Dragon Foddertokens. Also, I would have liked to see a better cantrip card for black like white and red and even blue had access to. Boon of Erebos was probably the best spell candidate for keeping Mr. Agent alive, however was not nearly as spectacular has Gods Willing or Valorous Stance. I think the shell that this guy really belonged in was more of an Abzan Tempo build:

You can see the juicy synergies that exist here. Abzan Charm can target two different creatures to trigger heroic or prowess, while still having the powerful modes of exiling a creature or drawing much needed cards. Dromoka’s Command, although doesn’t quite work as well as I hoped, basically forces your opponent to sacrifice the specific card that Agent wants to fight, or better yet, just target the Agent with the +1+1 counter and still have the option of forcing them to sacrifice an enchantment or prevent some damage from a sorcery. As mentioned before, Agent REALLY wants valorous stance and gods willing as protection. Couple him with other prowess powerhouses like Seeker of the Way and Monastery Mentor we have a pretty formidable deck as you can see through the gameplay:

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