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3333 Subscribers!

3333 youtube subscribers

3333 Youtube Subscribers

In celebration of 3333 Subscribers we will be giving out a plethora of prizes! To enter to win the contest please send an email to with the completed checklist below!

#1: Make sure you have joined the facebook page over at

#2: Share your favorite Roguedeckbuilder or Gathering Magic: Playing on a Budget video on a social media site, include link in your email. (examples, reddit, twitter, facebook, google +, or any magic the gathering forum). Make sure to include at least a brief description of why this is your favorite deck/video!

#3: Let me know how long you have been a fan of RDB, how long you have been playing Magic the Gathering, what it means to you to “Go Rogue” and any other rogue deck stories.

REMEMBER to include all 3 of the checklist in your email to

1st Place winner will receive: 1 Sorin vs Tibalt Duel Deck.
4 Second place winners will recieve: 2 Dragon’s Maze and 2 M14 Booster Packs!

All Non-North American winners will receive compensation via Magic the Gathering ONLINE as shipping is usually too expensive compared to product! Good Luck and thanks for all of the support!

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