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$2000 Fantasy Finance Portfolio Competition

This Is Your Chance To Win Kevin’s Ad Revenue!

This year is starting off great for our brand new Rogue Market channel! We’ve not only monetized ourselves, but we’ve reached our 2,000 Subscriber Milestone and now are making a beeline straight for 3K! And Kevin, being the benevolent rapscallion that he is, wants to show his thanks by giving away his Ad Revenue! **by which we mean a box of Battlebond, as that’s approximately equal to the ad revenue of the Rogue Market thus far** 

Dear reader, I know what you are thinking, “Gee willikers Aryia, that does sound swell! What can I do to make sure I’m the one who wins???” To which I would be perplexed by your insistence to use 1960s sitcom vernacular, but not being one to judge shall reply with, “Fear not! Everything you should need to know lies just below! Read on, my friend, read on!”

The Rules

— This competition will require you to create a Finance Portfolio on Echo MtG.

— Each Portfolio’s starting value must be $2,000 or less. (You don’t actually have to own the cards as this is just testing your ability to make the best predictions.)

— You are Limited to no more than 4 per edition of a card. (However if you want to have 13 Variants of Eternal Witness in your Portfolio, godspeed friend)

— To submit, you must export your portfolio as a CSV file and submit it along with a screenshot proof of your Portfolio’s starting value. We’ll be reusing the Rogue Master Brewer submission email for this contest, so is where you want to submit if you intend to be counted in this competition.

— Entries are to be submitted by the end of March for best results, however the winner will be announced on June 1st. The sooner you submit the more time you have for your collection to appreciate in value. During the months of April and May, Kevin may take a sampling of contest submissions to feature in a Rogue Market analysis.


The reason that we’re using EchoMtG for this contest is because it is a free website that allows for easy use of tracking card investments over time. We’re not sponsored in any way, this was purely a suggestion brought forward by one of Kevin’s Patrons and it suits our needs perfectly. You can always purchase a premium account with them at a later date if you so choose, but unless your portfolio has over 360 cards, you will not need to go beyond the free version for this competition.

With all that said, I hope to see a great deal of you participate. This is a great opportunity to test your speculation chops and to make the skin crawl of those that don’t appreciate the value of what we do here. The best part about this is that you can pull a Kevin, predict strongly on the value of something, and never actually buy it. No expense to you… But man does it feel bad missing out on Expropriate. Best of luck, friend! I’m sure that your intuition is high enough that you’ll make the right call and do wonderfully! Good luck!

For those of you that need assistance getting started with their Portfolios, I have prepared a brief tutorial below.

Alright so after you’ve gone to Echo MtG and created a profile, the first thing you want to do is click on Inventory/Binder. As you can see in the example below, your page should be blank when you first arrive. What you want to do to fix that is to start typing in the cards you want to spec into in the Quick Add Tool.


For my example, we’re gonna go ahead and see how far we can go by just using Eternal Witness. So as I add items into my inventory, I make sure that I do so four at a time by using the proper input in the on the Quick Add tool. Seeing as Eternal Witness has eight non-foil variants and five promo/foil variants, I make sure to click on every variation available in the drop down menu. Something worth noting is that Commander Anthology 1&2 get clumped together in the bulk overview, but if you were to set your window to show each card individually, you’d see that both set symbols are represented properly. Something of a quirk I happened to notice while making this example. When your collection value is near $2,000, feel free to screenshot this page as seen below.


Let’s assume that I figured out what I’m gonna do for the next $1,157.96 of my portfolio and that there were in fact enough Regrowths to reach that $2,000 benchmark with only Eternal Witness and its clones (a portfolio worthy of kings). Where do I go next? What the hell is this .CSV file format? To be honest, prior to making this tutorial, I never messed with the file type myself… However Echo makes this very simple. In the top right of the page there is a button that automatically will take your total collection and make a .CSV for you to export. That is the file that you need to submit with your screenshot. Once completed be sure to send both to

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