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Over 20 Entries for the Animar, Rogue Master Brewer!

Thanks to all that entered the Animar, Soul of Elements – Rogue Master Brewer Competition. We had over 20 entries. Below you will find the full list of entries

#1: AniMorph by GreatWall101:

#2: Animar, Architect of Souls by Jasper123:

#3: Animar, Master of Deception by Ghostflowers131:

#4: Animar, Tiny Leader…but not so Tiny Hydras by TimeliestStorm52:
#5: Animar, Elemental Auras by 99ZombieMan:

#6: Animar, Wibly Wobbly Leader by BadWolfMTG,

#7: Animar, Hail Hydra by Like1000Ninjas:

#8 Animar, Soul of Slivers: by IceAxe

#9 Animar, Soul of Defenders: by DinClaus

#10: Animar, Soul of Beef by ColtonisWright:

#11: Animar, Kobold Storm by Starch:

#12 Lanimar, by LTRiggs:

#13: Animar, Soul of Artifacts by BigFood:

#14: Animar, Soul of Robots by thecommanderlounge:

#15: Animar the Degenerate by Aqualog:

#16: Competitive Animar, by FrenchFryNinja

#17: Animar, Leader of the Hive: by The Dewk:

#18: Animar, Soul of Hyda by r34l17yh4x:

#19: Animar, Avatar and Friends by VilShaman:

#20: Animarvel by Guast:

#21: Evomar, by Kezoqu:

#22: Animill by Flashman77

From here, 8 judges will pick their favorite entry to move on to the Animar, Soul of Elements – Rogue Master Brewer Top 8!

After the judges have chosen their picks, we will then open it up to the community to crown the first ever Rogue Master Brewer.

A BIG thanks to everyone who participated!


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